Consulting Services

Our experienced team listen to your needs and then conduct customized analysis of markets, residential and commercial assets, and strategies. We cater our consulting services to the risk profile of our experienced clients, some of whom prefer to conduct substantial research before investing with confidence, and others who prefer to conduct limited research before taking a large risk or deciding whether to continue pursuing the opportunity. Our clients have included builders, developers, lenders and equity investors.

We can conduct for our clients the following

Price and Absorption Estimates:  We conduct thorough feasibility analysis, demand analysis, competitive supply analysis, resale analysis, local agent interviews, demographics and land planning.

Performance Improvement:  We review project performance and recommend performance improvements for improved profitability.

Cash Flow and Valuation:  We assist with cash flow and property valuations.

Market Analysis:  We conduct customized market analysis, focusing on the issues that are of most importance to our client.

Demand Analysis:  We can help our clients evaluate and determine the market demands.

Project Estimation:  Our services can provide cost estimation on the project along with carrying costs based on the length of the projects.