I have known and worked with Jim Paul and the Alps Group for almost a decade, while serving as the Senior Associate General Counsel of Amcore Bank N.A., Regional Managing Director and Counsel of Talmer Bank and Trust, and now as Counsel with the law frrm of Carlson Dash, LLC. At all times, the Alps Group has acted with a high level of integrity, coupled with terrific workmanship, reliability, and professionalism of service, always at a cost effective price.
— Ronald M. Carlson

I have been a commercial real estate attorney for over twenty-five years and have represented lenders in commercial foreclosure transactions. I have had the opportunity to work with and observe various Court appointed receivers, including the ALPS Group (“ALPS Group”), and I would recommend the ALPS Group.
— Pachter, Gregory & Raffaldini, P.C.

I want to compliment you and the Alps Group for your professional and competent handling of the Receivership and property management matters for the various properties with which my firm is involved.

In our capacity as real estate tax assessment counsel, the success of our efforts is often affected by the assistance provided by our clients.
— Finkel, Martwick & Colson, P.C.

It is a great honor and privilege to have been associated with the ALPS Group. During their tenture as the management company for our building I felt that Mr. Jim Paul did an outstanding job in his capacity as the contact manager for our building. He was always willing to listen to our problems and concerns. He was quick to respond to any maintenance problems we had in a timely manner.
— Office of the Inspector General

My name is Gary S. Mueller, and I am an attorney practicing law in Will County, Illinois and have been practicing law for 24 years. I am writing this letter on behalf of the ALPS Group and in support of your consideration of this company to complete work as Receiver.

In my experience, I have worked with numerous Receivers over the years with varying degrees of cooperation and satisfaction. In the case of the ALPS Group, my recommendation is without limit.
— Gary S. Mueller & Associates, Ltd

As a practicing attorney with emphasis on real estate matters, landlord tenant issues and building code violation issues, I have had an opportunity to work with and observe various firms in the capacity of Court Appointed Receivers. With this in mind, I want to offer my recommendation of The ALPS Group (“ALPS”) as a Receiver.
— Scott Nierman Attorney at Law